Welcome to AMPP*

*Affiliate Management Performance Program (AMPP)

A 12-week training program for Affiliate Managers who want to launch scale and grow successful affiliate programs.  

Our next cohort will start in April 2024.


*Affiliate Management Performance Program (AMPP)

A 12 week live training program for Affiliate Managers who want to launch scale and grow successful affiliate programs.  

Our next cohort will start in April 2024.


*Affiliate Management Performance Program (AMPP)

A 12 week live training program for Affiliate Managers who want to launch scale and grow successful affiliate programs.  

Our next cohort will start in April 2024.


The AMPP Program Helps
You Accelerate Sales

Join our live training program suitable for all digital and affiliate marketing professionals who want to launch, scale or grow a successful affiliate program in any industry.

Scale & Grow

Affiliate Managers, discover how to Scale and Grow your affiliate program and learn from the experts!


Access two decades of affiliate marketing expertise packed into a 12 week live training program.

Live Content

Weekly training to help you implement new digital marketing and affiliate strategies for growth.


Training, coaching and accountability to help drive increased revenue and consistent sales!

What will you learn on AMPP?

This is the affiliate management training program I always wish I’d been given when I started my career in affiliate marketing. It’s an opportunity to fast track your learning and I’ve built each weekly lesson specifically to give you the theoretical foundation of WHY we do things the way we do AND I’ll share practical applications of HOW to do it in your affiliate program for yourself.

Learn what an affiliate managers role is and how it fits into the overall structure of digital marketing today.

Why planning is key for developing your program marketing strategy. In this module we’ll talk about how to create a plan to meet your outcomes and what is required to do so.

We’ll discuss exactly how to build an ongoing affiliate lead gen campaign for your program and how you can utilise the power of social selling to simplify that process.

Learn how to create the perfect affiliate sales pitch and improve responses to your affiliate outreach and recruitment.
In this module we define your selling style, how to leverage your skills to build rapport and improve your relationships to sell your program authentically.

I share key fundamentals of affiliate marketing program management and portfolio segmentation for partner discovery and onboarding.

We’ll share key media buying tactics that can help improve your commercial negotiations with new affiliate partners building value and volume concurrently.

At this point in the course we’ll have private 1:1 sessions to help you check in with your personal development and learning – this course is about getting results not just learning theory.

How to do a competitive audit and why it’s necessary to do this every quarter. Learn the exact marketing tactics required to improve your performance and keep abreast of the competitive landscape you’re operating in.
Why you need a clear marketing strategy to promote your program growth and how to make that happen in the next 90 days.
Mapping out your success metrics and holding yourself accountable to delivery. We’ll create a simple 1 – page Affiliate Program marketing plan that will help build momentum for sales
Learn my proven strategy for taking what you’ve learned to market and growing your career in affiliate program management.

Hi, I'm Lee-Ann

I’ve been in love with Affiliate Marketing for more than twenty years. It started back when there wasn’t any Google. When the internet was something only a few people could access (via a really slow dial-up modem) and when cell phones were BIG like bricks!

I’ve been lucky enough to learn my craft on the job by making real life mistakes and learning from them. I’ve spent 1000’s of hours launching, scaling and growing affiliate programs in all shapes and sizes from startup to Double Digit Million Dollar global programs, across multiple verticals, in all languages and multi currencies for a variety of interesting brands.

It’s this “real life” experience, not digital theory, that makes me great at what I do.


Who is this program perfect for?

New Affiliate Executives

Avoid trial and error and step up to deliver more value and fast track your career growth. Learn what works and what doesn’t in this course as we deliver the A-Z of Affiliate program management and digital strategy (Wish I’d had access to this when I first started!)

Advanced Affiliate Managers

This course is perfect for pro’s who want to sharpen their skills, learn management and sales tactics or think outside the box to create successful strategies that improve their ROI.

In House Program Marketers

Whether you’re working in house or via an Affiliate network this program is incredible value because you’ll access a host of different strategies you can use to improve your program and digital marketing performance.

Consultants & Freelancers

Most clients are impatient for results, so you’ll benefit from learning fast to implement proven and tested techniques that can help support their growth, communicate better with partners and get bigger wins for your accounts.

Companies We've Trained


Affiliate Management Performance Program

A 12 week live training program for Affiliate Managers who want to scale their affiliate marketing and drive consistent sales.

I’ve created the content in this program based on 25+ years of digital and affiliate marketing experience gained working in multiple verticals from finance to retail, e-sports to casino. If you can buy and sell it online, I’ve affiliated it! 

I share everything i’ve learned in real life examples from growing a team with no budget to competing in some of the most complex regulatory and highly competitive marketing environments 

It’s not enough to learn the theory to get result, you need to put it into practice and learn from it , improve it, and keep optimising your strategies till you see the right results. On AMPP you get accountability and support to drive real change.

Along with peer lead coaching, you’ll also have 1:1 time with me to triage specific areas of concern about your affiliate program and marketing strategies. 

I think of AMPP as a “mastermind”, the content we deliver is bespoke designed for each Cohort before we begin. You’ll get exactly the right support to help you overcome your specific challenges as it pertains in your own sector. 

Use the same resources I do to help you save you time, create impactful strategies and deliver outcomes that drive consistent results.

JOIN NOW - £650 Per Person

No matter where you are in your career, or expertise level - you’ll be guaranteed to learn something new, pivot what’s not working and improve your performance and delivery.

*Payment Plans Available


Why is AMPP different from any other training program?  

It’s all about the live training.
The mentorship.
The coaching.
The weekly accountability to deliver results as you learn.

You get the best of my years of knowledge and expertise dialed in directly to your program. This practical learning style and live support is what makes this program so unique. Anyone can deliver a video tutorial that talks about strategy or frameworks, but you won’t get the real life experiences and knowledge that comes from doing this job every day for the past two decades. 

Essentially I’ll fast track you to success – without you spending the hours to get there. 

Who wants more affiliates?

I know that’s the holy grail of affiliate program marketing, having a robust lead generation model and sales that keep growing.

Problem is to keep growing you need to be marketing smarter, not harder.

I know how hard it is to keep selling whilst maintaining your existing affiliate relationships, meeting targets and taking care of the daily admin a growing affiliate program requires.

When I ask affiliate managers what is stopping them from  getting their best results here’s a list of the typical challenges that get mentioned:

I can’t find affiliate details, affiliates don’t usually have their name up in lights on their websites, so a little internet investigation work is key to build contact bases. 

Affiliates don’t respond to my Outreach & Recruitment emails.

I can’t offer budgets bigger brands can, so affiliates won’t work with me.

I don’t have enough resources or time to do more marketing on my program.

I can’t compete with other brands as we can’t offer what they do.

My program is big already – we’ve exhausted all our new partner options.

Typically when I look at affiliate programs – I’ll see the real problem is almost always a lack of strategy & expertise that lead to poor results.

Which is great – because I know I can help overcome these kinds of problems by sharing my experience and providing simple solutions gained from years that have been invested in growing successful affiliate programs around the globe. In just 12 weeks you’ll learn how you can improve your affiliate account management and outreach strategies to drive consistent sales!

Marketing Strategy

Develop a clear strategy of who your affiliate avatar is and how to find them and understand what kind of players and value they will bring to your program over time.

Lead Generation

Build a lead generation plan that brings affiliates to your door and guide you on the tools that help you find them.

Time management

Manage your time (and your peers) effectively to drive increased results.

Commercial Selling

Hone your sales pitch so you’re talking to the right people at the right time with the right offer.

Track Effectively

Use your technology stack to do the heavy lifting and free up your time to do more marketing and less admin.

Optimise Often

Follow a simple checklist to ensure your program keeps delivering to the right success metrics keeping your growth and activity ratios healthy.

In AMPP – I teach this structure step by step in a simple and easy to implement format helping you to step out from the daily admin and focus on strategy for target delivery whilst understanding how affiliate programs should be operating successfully in the digital marketing mix.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO – is commit to learning and implement it each week!

JOIN NOW – £650 Per Person

No matter where you are in your career, or what your expertise level – you’re  guaranteed to learn something new, pivot what’s not working and improve your program performance and partner delivery. 

*Payment Plans Available

JOIN NOW - £650 Per Person

No matter where you are in your career, or expertise level - you’ll be guaranteed to learn something new, pivot what’s not working and improve your performance and delivery.

*Payment Plans Available


We open the doors to AMPP three times a year.

This course is only offered as a live training program because the value is in the real life experience you get from working with me 1:1. I teach you everything I know and what I’m still learning as a thought leader and expert on Affiliate Marketing and Program Management.

Once you sign up you’ll get access to my community network of support and more importantly be accountable for your own delivery getting help every step of the way via our live coaching sessions, in the weekly group chat and in our private Skype channel.

As a bonus, after you graduate you’ll get a certificate of completion and you’ll be invited to attend our private Alumni meetings twice a year, where you can join in with our previous delegates to share and learn what’s new and happening in the affiliate marketing industry.

This program is a commitment you make to yourself and to your business for 12 weeks, but your support is ongoing as I’ll regularly check in with you to see how your programs are growing.


AMPP is a unique live coaching program run by Lee-Ann Johnstone an industry veteran of Affiliate Program Management. With over two decades of experience launching and managing a variety of affiliate and performance marketing programs across an array of industries you’ll be tapping into that knowledge each week in the 1 hour live training sessions. The idea behind AMPP is to provide affiliate program managers with fast tracked knowledge, skills development and confidence to implement proven strategies that help their affiliate program to scale and grow.

The 1 hour live training classes are set up based on the cohort groups (max 10 delegates) specific time zones. The AMPP program takes a total of 12 hours to complete and is run over a 12 week period. Delegates will commit to show up and attend live learnings with their tutor once a week (same date and time each week) via Zoom. There is also a live chat set up for your cohort to meet in between live learning sessions and you will have our ongoing support and accountability check in’s as the program rolls out – to ensure you are progressing your self lead learning alongside the live lessons each week.

Once you have booked your ticket to AMPP you will be contacted by our sales team to group you into an open cohort (unless a closed cohort has been requested at the time of your booking). To accommodate multiple time zones we will notify you of 2 choices either a morning or afternoon session depending on your location. Once you have made your preferred selection your course dates will be mapped and your group will be set up with start and finish times released.

The content that is taught during the live sessions is proprietary and therefore we don’t share slides that are discussed during the live learning sessions. You are welcome to take notes during the live session but the key part that makes this program successful is the opportunity to learn and engage with an expert in the live setting. A lot of what we teach is applied practically in the live sessions to your own business which helps students to learn faster. If at any point you need help or want to go over some of the points in the live training, you can reach out to your cohort leader or your tutor to ask questions and clarify your learning.

When you book onto AMPP you are making a commitment to show up and be present in the live training sessions which occur once a week at the same time each week for the full duration of the course cohort you are membered in. If you are going to miss a session please let your tutor know and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and bring you up to speed with the learnings in the rest of your cohort group. Please advise us in advance if you know you will be missing a session as we can then accommodate your schedule alongside your group training.

You will receive an onboarding email which will require you to complete a delegate questionnaire ahead of starting your live training. This form is only accessed by your tutor and is kept entirely confidential. We request students to be as detailed as possible so that you can benefit from in-depth coaching throughout the program and we also make sure to tailor the content to your personal requirements where possible, to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the 12 week coaching program. It’s important that you follow the onboarding instructions timeously so that you don’t miss out on any of the learnings.

Each cohort is personalised to the people and industries that are in it. This is why your questionnaire is so important at the start of your learning journey. The modules are clearly outlined on the website and cover a range of topics that are covered in the program, you and your cohort dictate how deep or wide you’d like your learning journey around affiliate program management to be. Your tutor will check in periodically throughout the 12 week program to ensure you are getting the information and support you need and hold you accountable to do the self lead learning in between the live learning sessions weekly.

Please contact our sales team: [email protected] and one of our support team will be able to assist you. If you are not sure if the training will be suitable for your business please do book a call directly with Lee-Ann Johnstone to discuss your business needs. We are happy to discuss how our training can benefit your business and your affiliate and digital marketing teams in more detail prior to booking on the live coaching program.

If you’d prefer to have 1:1 coaching for your marketing team that is specific to your business a private cohort is available. Private cohorts offer in depth training with no competing brands or personnel being present in your cohort. We can also offer customised training based on your team’s specific needs in private cohorts. There is a minimum of 10 pax pricing to secure a private cohort with Lee-Ann Johnstone. If you have any questions about the benefits of a private cohort vs. open cohort learnings, simply contact our sales team and we can discuss these directly with you : [email protected]

The course is structured around accountability and delivery. This means you spend 1 hour a week learning the skills you need to go and implement in the day to day running of your affiliate program or portfolio. Each week students will have self lead homework to research and deliver as well as take part in live training and learning sessions that provide practical applicable skills and learning within their working environment. Delegates must commit to attend the 1 hour live training each week for 12 weeks to get the best results and learnings with their tutor who is sharing over two decades of knowledge in these sessions. We encourage students to interact and ask plenty of questions as the course content relates to their industry and individual requirements.