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Casino Chick

GEOs: UK, US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, India

Casino Chick is a woman-centric online casino affiliate site focused on providing real-time news and updates from the world of iGaming.


One of the site’s main goals is to educate female players on the intricacies of online gambling and provide an objective, unfiltered female perspective on online and live casino gaming. In short, it is tailor-made for the discerning female audience venturing into the world of online casinos.


The platform caters specifically to women by offering a variety of services – from detailed inspections of online casino operators to in-depth game analyses and reviews packed with tricks and playing tips.


The crown jewel of Casino Chick’s offering is the blog section designed to help women become proficient, better manage their money and stay safe while gambling online. It combines how-to tutorials, interviews from leading people in the iGaming industry, informative articles and strategy guides to help female players gain a deeper understanding of the gambling universe.

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