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Getting your team ready to perform

As an affiliate manager, maximizing your team’s performance should be your number one priority. It is your duty to ensure that your team is always firing on all cylinders, and their performance will reflect on your skills and abilities as a leader.

Man management can be difficult to navigate and requires a great deal of communicative and interpersonal skills. How can you best ready your team and ensure that they are performing to their best on a sustained and consistent basis? We’ve put together a guide to help you out. Read on to find out more.

Establish goals

One of the first and most effective steps you should take as a leader is to set out clear and defined goals for your team. This will immediately give them an idea of what you are expecting from them, and they will get a sense of what their future work will entail. It’s important that these goals are realistic, setting unachievable targets will only cause undue stress and anxiety and can discourage your team if they fail to meet their objectives. This can damage morale and motivation in the long run, so make sure your goals are both reasonable and easy to understand.

There are various different types of goals you can set for your team. They could be based on figures, such as a specified number of leads, sales, or conversions to be achieved within a certain timeframe. Or they could be more technical, such as the optimization of digital platforms or improvement of the customer experience.

Encourage open communication

It is crucial that your team feel that they are free to speak their minds without fear or repercussion. Staff that feel listened to are more likely to feel valued and appreciated, and this will be reflected in improved performance and productivity.

Encourage your team to voice their opinion on the business plan and course of action. If they have concerns about a particular strategy or objective, it’s important that feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts with both you and the wider team. If you and your team are not on the same wavelength, this can result in sub-par performance and can stop you from achieving what you have set out to accomplish.

Training is key

Modern affiliate strategies are built on and rely upon technology. Be it today’s interconnected digital social landscape or advanced analytic and evaluative tools, technology is an integral part of running a successful business.

It is absolutely vital that your team is aware and familiar with the latest technological tools, and that they understand how these tools are implemented to improve results. Even if certain team members are not expected to use certain tools, they should still be aware of what they are, what their function is, and how they are used in your strategy.

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, there are new techniques and systems coming out all the time. Ongoing training is crucial, it will ensure your team is abreast of the latest developments and that they are always ready to make use of the latest cutting-edge technology.

Promote positive work/life balance

Keeping up morale is a fundamental part of leadership and is key when looking to improve your team’s performance. Employees often cite work/life balance as one of the most important aspects of a role. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your team busy, in fact, busy staff can often perform better, but it’s essential that you keep in mind that your team has lives outside of the workplace as well.

The key here is flexibility. Work with your team to accommodate time off and holidays and appreciate that sometimes life can get in the way and last-minute alterations and cancellations can and do occur. Overworking your team can lead to burnout and stress, which will no doubt have a detrimental impact on performance and the larger business. By promoting a positive work/life balance you will keep your team happy and, more importantly, motivated and productive.


Managing a team is a skill that requires practice and dedication. If you’re looking to ready your team to perform consistently, there are a few tricks and techniques that may prove useful. Establish clear and defined goals as early as possible, foster a culture of open communication, ensure your team is knowledgeable and highly trained, and promote a positive work/life balance.

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