STATSCORE – Dariusz Leczynski – Going wider and deeper to provide the best data

Dariusz Leczynski, Head of Product for STATSCORE, says there will be no compromise in the company’s dedication to providing data on the most intricate of sporting statistics in 2018.

Leczynski explained that the company has been widening its coverage across a range of sports in recent times. This is demonstrated by the fact that STATSCORE scouts are currently gathering deeper info for handball statistics such as goals from inside the six-yard box, the penalty records of goalkeepers, and even how many goals were scored in the bottom-left corner of the net.

“We go wider, we go deeper, we work on the dynamics, we basically move forward in every possible area,” he said. “We listen, we adjust to clients’ needs and depending on complexity we can even integrate within days. These are not promises, these are proven facts.

“At the moment, we believe there isn’t another tracker on the market as dynamic as the ones we provide. The coverage is what we are working hard on. The range of sports and number of events continues to expand all the time, and our main plan for 2018 is to continue with this growth.”

The data front-runner has enjoyed a breakthrough 2017, a year most notable for a deal to implement two of its leading products 

Ladbrokes’ Belgian facing site has gained access to ‘match trackers’ for more than 10,000 live events through in game visualisations fromSTATSCORE’s LivematchPro, while Prematch Center is providing Ladbrokes customers with information including league standings, form tables, top scorers and yellow cards.

Leczynski explained: “A full fifteen sports are available in STATSCORE’s LivematchPro – the website’s in-play visualisation item.”

Meanwhile, the data provider for bookmakers, sports clubs and news sites received a further boost to close a successful 2017, after being nominated for the ‘Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation’ and ‘Best Sports Data Product’ at this year’s SBC Awards.

“Despite the successes we have enjoyed in 2017, we will never say that our products are finished,” Leczynski concluded. “If there is at least one good suggestion from a client or a fan that can make them better, we will act. This is an invaluable attribute – the ability to listen.”

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