Kochava unveils Traffic Index quarterly marketing report

Mobile attribution platform Kochava has unveiled the Kochava Traffic Index, an objective, data-driven ranking of media partners available to marketers as a free quarterly report.

The report highlights the top twenty media partners, providing marketers with insights on which ones perform highest in the areas of data signal quality, freedom from fraud, user retention, and correlation of clicks to installs.

“Because of our leadership in attribution and analytics, we are uniquely positioned to benchmark the quality of signal needed for actionable insights. While the digital advertising industry has grown significantly over the past five years, the transparency of the industry has decreased,” said Kochava CEO Charles Manning.  

“Our strength in understanding signal and the correlation of signal to marketing outcomes has driven the creation of the Kochava Traffic Index. By releasing this report, we can provide all marketers with insights into inventory performance to help inform their choice of media partners.”

The Kochava Traffic Index informs marketers by identifying media partners with the cleanest traffic based on the following metrics:

  • Signal clarity: the integrity of data input/output (impressions, clicks, and postbacks) reported to the attribution provider
  • Fraud: percent of fraudulent traffic
  • Quality: retention of active users beyond 30 days
  • Correlation: the statistical relationship between clicks and conversions

It is hoped that the index will add clarity to an industry that often falls victim to fraud, and many marketers have already voiced their support for it.

“Kochava has been a trusted measurement provider in helping us develop our mobile marketing strategies to gain the highest quality traffic and combat fraudulent activity. We’re excited to leverage the Kochava Traffic Index to further optimise those strategies,” enthused Oliver Daniel, Country Manager Audible DACH.

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