InMarket and Engaged Nation team up to offer customer retention solutions

Consumer insight and engagement solutions specialist InMarket has penned a new partnership with Engaged Nation, gamification experts and creators of the patent-pending REACH online gamification system for the casino industry.
The new alliance is hoped to offer operators brand new ways of identifying the most receptive gamers and driving them to casinos and their subsidiaries across the US.
InMarket has a comScore-verified reach of 50 million monthly active users, and its intelligence platform allows clients to understand what factors play a role in increasing receptivity and new engaging prospects which can help drive campaign ROI.
Through using interactive games and instant rewards, Engaged Nation’s REACH platform offers a digital gamified experience that converts inMarket engagements into long-term customer relationships.
“InMarket exists to understand consumer receptivity and activate the right people with custom content at the perfect times,” said Chris Kozloski, Chief Revenue Officer of inMarket.
“Our platform has evolved to create value in many business categories, from retail to finance and entertainment. As leading experts with a huge track record of success, Engaged Nation is the perfect partner to bring these capabilities into the gaming space.”
“We know that digital marketing can play a significant role in driving more customer engagement and trips to a casino property. InMarket’s geo-conquesting abilities are extremely powerful in using location-based mobile advertising that directs potential customers towards a specific business that they’re physically near,” stated Jeffrey Hoss, Chief Strategy Officer for Engaged Nation.
He added: “By combining the advertising opportunities with inMarket and our gamification platform, businesses can now attract customers based upon their physical location to serve up timely offers, especially when they have their phones in their hands.
“We have witnessed the effectiveness and ROI from campaigns in other areas of business, such as retail, and are seeing see the same impact in our industry.”
The two companies launched their first client promotion in March focusing on the 2019 men’s college basketball tournament.

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