All-in Diversity Project gets YGAM boost

The All-in Diversity Project has continued to increase its varied and well rounded portfolio of partners, joining forces with the youth gambling education charity, YGAM.

YGAM is one of gambling’s foremost charities and focuses on education, awareness and the prevention of gaming related harm amongst young people. Furthermore, the group joins the likes of Paddy Power Betfair, IGT and Microgaming as part of the All-in Diversity Project.

Lee Willows, YGAM Chief Executive detailed why the partnership was of such importance to the charity: “At YGAM we are continually seeking to further strengthen our foundations and learning and so are delighted to join the All-in Diversity Project as a Strategic Partner.

“Through YGAM’s trading subsidiary, YGAM Innovation Limited, we are working collaboratively with the gaming industry to launch a specific gaming employer-led apprenticeship standard for those whom want to join the industry via a funded apprenticeship route.

“By aligning our brand with the All-in Diversity project sends a strong message to potential future apprentices. In addition, I hope both our charity and trading subsidiary can contribute too and learn from the vast amount of resources that the All-in Diversity project are gathering to help us champion diversity both within our organisations and more broadly.”

Co-Founder of the initiative Christina Thakor-Rankin also commented on the positivity of the partnership: “The pressure on kids growing up in today’s digital globally connected world to fit in is enormous. For the most part these global trends are generally innocent and largely harmless such as Pokemon, or Flossing.

“Sometimes though, what seems like an innocent activity, such as playing video games can have a darker adult side. The increasingly blurred lines between gaming and gambling (loot boxes, skins, esports and skill) together with the ease of access and pressure to participate makes it more important than ever that we start the education process as early as possible.

“As these are global activities involving kids and young people from all over the world with differing cultures, religions, socio-economic backgrounds and reasons for participation – it follows that any awareness or support initiative needs to reflect this diversity to be truly effective. With YGAM on board, and working with other similar organisations around the world, we can now really start to explore the role of diversity in raising awareness and limiting harm within children and young people right across the world.”

Co-Founder of All-in Diversity Project, Kelly Kehn added: “This partnership continues to stress how important industry collaboration is to solving our toughest problems — protection and image. Having YGAM as a strategic partner means that we can continue to focus on the importance of people overall to the health and sustainability of our industry.”

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