All-in Diversity Project announces strategic partnership with Women in Racing

The All-in Diversity Project has announced a new strategic partnership with Women in Racing which is set to develop and enhance the profile of women in horse racing.
The new alliance aims to bring both parties together to support each other in raising the profile of women in senior positions across the industry, to promote new opportunities, and to celebrate the achievements of women across the sport.
“We are proud to align the All-in Diversity Project with Women in Racing for many reasons. Both organisations support data and research to solve problems and believe we can learn from each other. Additionally, betting is inherently a part of racing and we can improve our products and how we market to and acquire a new and diverse customer base when we can collaborate. Working together is better for both industries,” says Co-Founder Kelly Kehn.
Women in Racing was set up as an independent organisation to campaign for the encouragement of senior appointments across the industry, to attract more women into racing and to promote and enhance the reputation of the sport as a sector in which to build a career.
Women in Racing’s Deputy Chair Tallulah Lewis added: “Women in Racing is delighted to partner with the All-in Diversity Project which is taking a pioneering approach to improving the data available on diversity, and in particular progressing the discussion and debate about gender equality.
“Through collaboration and supporting each other we want to ensure there is clear visibility of the issues and that progress is made in both the betting and horse racing industries.”
The All-in Diversity Project’s mission to be the central global resource for all things relating to diversity and equality – working together to create tools such as knowledge bases, workplace tool-kits, training initiatives, learning exchanges, interactive events and to support long-term impactful change across the industry.

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