All-in Diversity Project agrees "important partnership" with Affiverse

Affiverse is the latest firm to agree a strategic partnership with the All-In Diversity Project (AIDP).
Moving into its third year, the current AIDP initiative involves extending reach globally to new sectors of the industry, as well as new geographical regions and markets. The project views AI as a ‘key catalyst’ for this growth.
“Affiliate Marketing and content has always been an integral piece of the puzzle in our industry,” explains Kelly Kehn, AIDP Co-founder. “Affiliates have a big part to play when it comes to attracting new customers and creating a positive image for the industry.
“If we are to continue to push for progress and a more diverse and inclusive industry, we need the support of our best marketing voice. We are very excited to announce this important partnership with Affiverse as it’s the right medium to bring this side of the industry on board.”
Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder of Affiverse, added: “As a media partner in the iGaming industry we have a responsibility to ensure we are supporting diversity in the sector. The Affiliate channel plays a big part of the reputation marketing that is supporting operator growth and player acquisition.
“The All-In Diversity Project is a great initiative striving to ensure that businesses do more to be inclusive, to support educational and skills development , and that fits in well with our ethos to promote best practice, knowledge sharing and training in the affiliate community. We’re delighted to have joined as a media partner to support this valuable initiative and help bring diversity to the forefront of affiliate business.”

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